My First Tree Skirt for My First REAL Tree in My First House!

We’re hosting our first christmas in our fist house so of course we had to get our first REAL tree! As we were shopping for decorations at the store I just didn’t like ant of the tree skirts the store had. I decided to choose the material I want and make one for myself. It was an interesting challenge, I had been thinking about making a quilt at some point and decided that this would be a good test to try out my sewing skills. It went fairly well, I could have planned out a few details in advance that would have saved me some time, but overall I”m satisfied with the results and will certainly re-use it for years to come.

Syd helping

Sydney was helping me out by  testing the softness of the tree skirt. She approved.

starting the trim

Pinning the trim.

pinned the trim

Got it all pinned…

Almost Done

It’s getting there…

Testing it out

Let’s see how it looks!

The final product

Perfect! Even got some prezzies under the tree!